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Product Sourcing

FPP sources promotional products and private label goods from over 12 countries and 150 factories!

FPP is a secret weapon used by some of America’s best know business brands.

Ever wonder how some of America’s best companies are able to get so much mileage from their marketing budget?

How they can get the coolest, latest product ideas with their logo or brand identity on them? Do you seriously think that brands like Facebook, Tesla, Google and others buy their promotional products from a local promotional products distributor? Unlikely!

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FPP is a US based company with a long history in the design and import of promotional and private label products. We work in 12 countries and deal with over 50 source factories.

These factories make products for famous name brands. The name brands include everyone from Nike to Sony and just about every famous logo you can imagine.

In our 20 plus years in working directly with these factories we have built a relationship with the owners and workers that is unparalleled. It was not easy.

Each year our team travels 100’s of thousand of air miles visiting these countries and factories on behalf of our clients. The work has been hard at times and takes a toll on the home life. However, the end result is we have built an enormously successful sourcing agency for our clients.

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What is a Sourcing Agency?

We are a sourcing agency. A sourcing agency is a business that works with domestic clients, like your business, in a consultative way. We talk with you about your brand and your goals. We discuss what products you are looking to get your logo on or to private label. We find out what problems you have had, what improvements you need and where you want to use these products. Be it for retail, promotional or brand incentives.

We then tell you if we can be of service. If we can we will quote you an all inclusive, delivered price. If we can’t, we may suggest another sourcing agency who can help. What does all of this cost? Nothing. It’s what we do to earn your business.

Once we both agree to work together, what happens next?

There are several kinds of projects but the 2 most common promotional product or private label projects are, events (1 time project) or on-going programs (repeats).

Event marketing.

This is simply as it sounds. A single definable event. It could be a trade show, incentive program, b2b seasonal marketing or any other marketing or private label initiative where there is a start date or what we like to call an “in hands date”.

This means that aside from what the product or idea is we have a specific date to get you the goods. This is critical to know.

Tight deadlines are our specialty.

We are used to working with tight deadlines. It is not uncommon for our clients to come to us with 2 or 3 weeks notice and ask to to “pull something creative and unique out of thin air” that they can get their logo on for an upcoming event. This includes trade show, company events like Christmas and many marketing events. This is something we love to do.

On our website we have 1000’s of creative product ideas, all of which can easily and quickly be logo’d and delivered just about anywhere on the planet in 2 weeks. For the most part thee are called swag or promotional products.

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On-going marketing.

On-going marketing initiative can be wide ranging in their scope. They can and do include the following.

Private label: What is private label? Private label is best described as “Having us manufacture your products with your label on them”. A great example, Nike does not have that many factories, instead they use 3rd party factories such as ours who do the manufacturing and put their label on them. We meet all of their standards and brand identities.

Ride along: A ride along is when a product (commonly alcohol products do this) have a small promotional product attached to the bottle. These can come attached to individual bottles or the case. They are often a game or an ancillary marketing item like a popsocket. See the ride along below.

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Incentives: Incentives are a promotional product that we send to your client if they do or buy something. A good example if your gym gives away a logo’d gym bag for a 1 year membership sign up we are the company that looks after the order and delivery of this product.

We are the bridge!

If you think of us as a bridge between your business and its lgo’d or private label needs and the source factories that manufacture these goods you would have an accurate understanding of our process.

We take care of everything! We look after, prices, quality, taxes, duties, tariffs, transport, logo and all aspects of design. We will quote you 1 easy to understand price for the project and work within the deal. We make a small percentage (about 15-20%) on the order and this comes from the sale price, not in addition to the price.

Our prices to you, even with our 20% taken into account, is often less expensive than you are currently paying. This is due to our years of experience and many deals we have worked out with the source factories.

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