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Patriotic Covid Response in Fitness Business

custom 3 ply cotton virus masks for gyms and fitness promotional product

Are you a Patriot? Can Promotional Products Save The Fitness Industry We found this unique take on the covid crisis from a Canadian manufacturer of promotional products called Promo Motive. Great read. In July 2020 on the anniversary of the 244th year of the Declaration of Independence can America Save itself? Can Promotional Products help Save […]

Covid Second Wave Coming Soon

Seattle policemen wearing protective gauze face masks during influenza epidemic of 1918 which claimed millions of lives worldwide (Photo by Time Life Pictures/National Archives/The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images)

Get Ready, 2nd Covid Wave is Going To Crush! We found a really interesting post about the expected scecond corona virus wave. Expected in late August or early September 2020 the second wave of the virus is expected to be worse than the first. Along with the second wave it is also predicted that the […]

Business anxiety in covid crisis

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American Business Anxiety In the summer of 2020 and for the near forseeable future anxiety in the American business sector due to the disruption caused by covid-19 is rampant. There is no easy way to say it, “most America businesses are screwed!” At least for most businesses this is true. Some businesses such as Zoom […]

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