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World’s Best Phone Grips

World’s Best Phone Grips. Welcome to the the world’s best collection of smartphone stand, cellphone grips and phone socket stands for trade shows and business marketing. Promotional Product Direct of Seattle Washington is pleased to announce the launch of their new online store Grip- Phone Socket Stand. This store is designed to bring together, under […]

Trade shows return late 2021

Trade shows return late 2021. Todays Trade Show Swag. In the summer of 2021 it’s nearly impossible to believe after the last 2 years there will once again be trade shows. But, that is exactly what is going to happen. Starting in the fall of 2021 trade shows across all industries trade shows are slowly reappearing out of the shadows of Covid.

Why fitness products are essential to marketing your brand

fitness promotional Products

Why fitness products are essential to marketing your brand post-covid!

Let’s face it, with Gyms, Fitness Centers and an active lifestyle all but shut down for the most of the last year we can all use some exercise.

Thinking Ahead

when will this be over blog post

Thinking Ahead. It may not seem like it at the moment and your current business climate may not reflect it, but there will be better days ahead. History show us this quite clearly.

Eco Promotional Products

the future of promotional products is eco green

Eco Promotional Products. Prior to the outbreak of Covid-19 the world was inextricably moving toward a greener future. Greta Thunberg and other youthful advocates for a greener future had made tremendous impacts on our buying habits and product choices.

New Customer Review

new customer reviews for fitness promotional products

amazing customer review for fitness promotional products

Rebrand or Reposition

rebrand or reposition your brand identity

rebrand or reposition your brand identity

Who we are

The reboot of the Fitness industry in 2021.There are few industries more impacted by Covid-19 than the fitness industry. With lockdowns, reductions in the ability to have people in the facility and the general couch potato malaise, American fitness has taken a beating.

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