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New Promotional Product Ideas

With the Covid-19 era looking more and more like it will be in our rear-view mirror in the next few months it makes sense for business marketers to start to plan for their brand rebuilding efforts. New Promotional Product Ideas

Succeed at Swag

fitness trade show swag

Succeed at Swag

Fitness Promotional Swag for Trade Shows.

fitness trade show swag

Trade shows in the fitness industry like The Arnolds, Olympia, Fit Expo etc are prime places for fitness businesses of all sizes and shapes to get their marketing groove on. One of the main purposes of the trade show is to get your logo imprinted into the customer mind (both new and current customers) and to encourage them to come to your booth and if you really hit a home run, take away something from the booth with your logo on it that gets flashed around to other like-minded people. Sound easy, but not so easy as it seems.

The Business of Branding

fitness promotional products

hat we have done to create FPP is to source both the essential products and esoteric ideas that best suit the business world that includes, gyms, personal trainers, supplement companies, fitness events, sports teams and individual athletes promotional product needs.

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