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Rebrand or Reposition

rebrand or reposition your brand identity

rebrand or reposition your brand identity

Who we are

The reboot of the Fitness industry in 2021.There are few industries more impacted by Covid-19 than the fitness industry. With lockdowns, reductions in the ability to have people in the facility and the general couch potato malaise, American fitness has taken a beating.

FPP and is an American company that for 20 years has specialized in connecting the overseas source factory to corporate America for their B2b marketing needs

Private Label

Private Label Products for America’s Business. Private label products are a creative and profitable way for America’s businesses to extend their brand reach and to increase their profitability. What does the term Private Label mean? Private label products are those manufactured by one company for sale under another company’s brand. Private-label goods are available in a wide […]

Product Sourcing

factory direct product sourcing guide

FPP sources promotional products and private label goods from over 12 countries and 50 factories!

Black Swan

what is a black swan event in business

The new approach to B2b marketing Post-Covid. With the black swan event known as Covid-19 and in fact with any black swan event (9/11 comes to mind), there are always profound changes that come about as a result of that event. With the black swan event Covid-19 there will be many major shifts that will […]

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