Mr. Olympia Show Special


Mr. Olympia 2019 is fast approaching. Have you got your trade show swag yet?

Ok, you’ve booked the booth, the hotels, updated your Uber app, booked blights but have you finalized your trade show booth giveaways? If not, look no further.

Mr. Olympia is one of the top shows for the fitness industry. 1000’s of booths and over 40,000 attendees make Olympia a must-attend and must be seen event. One of the key ways to make your brand stand out from the crowd is to effectively use promotional products for your marketing.

How to Effectively use Promo Swag!

Making the most of your marketing budget with promotional products is not as easy as it looks. Making an effective and inexpensive impression takes some insight.

What is the purpose of trade show giveaways?

There is a saying in our biz, “It takes 7 impressions to make an impression!” This means that the product with your logo on it must be seen/used at least 7 times to insure that the people seeing your brand have sufficiently been imprinted with it. It’s that simple.

The key elements in buying the right products for your logo are as follows:

  1. Buy at the best price. Not a big insight on this but FPP imports direct from the factory reducing 2 levels of sales intermediation and 2 levels of additional costs.
  2. Don’t buy too expensively. Great for me if you spend $20-$30 on 500 hoodies but with a $15000 marketing investment and only 500 potential brand users it a bad move. Alternatively you could buy 15000 phone grips with your logo and hand them out to everyone at the show. Your brand would be seen everywhere and for a large number of views. This would be a huge marketing win for you. BTW min order on phone grips is 250 and all in cost is under $2.
  3. Talk to an expert. Let’s be honest, the usual swag seller is not one of our peeps. They tend to be older (according to ASI their average age is 57) and generally are not wired into the industry. Let me help you. instagram: emilygrahamfitness
emily graham fitness
emily graham fitness

Mr. Olympia Trade show Giveaway Show Specials.

Free shipping, No other charges! Get Your Logo On It For Less! Contact us at 1-888-908-6932 or email

Popsockets are a great way to promote your brand and marketing message. Check out this link in How to Use a Popsocket for further info and ideas.

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