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The Future of Fitness Marketing in 2021

The reboot of the Fitness industry in 2021.

There are few industries more impacted by Covid-19 than the fitness industry. With lockdowns, reductions in the ability to have people in the facility and the general couch potato malaise, American fitness has taken a beating.

The Boston Herald has recently released an article say 71 million Americans have gained weight during the Covid 19 pandemic.

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What will all of the heavier Americans do?

They are going to hit the gym, that’s what they are going to do!

With the rollout of the vaccine the best estimate as to when gyms and fitness will return is mid-spring 2021. This means that come late April or early May America’s fitness industry will be ramping up.

What does this mean if you are in the Fitness biz?

This target date of late April 2021 being when we will all reopen the fitness economy means that those of us in the fitness industry need to get onto or fitness business marketing.

Over the last year, 2020, American fitness businesses have almost universally rolled up the sidewalk and shuttered their businesses. All due to Covid-19.

As we emerge back into an opened up economy there is lot of uncertainty that fitness businesses need to address.

Where are your old clients?

Don’t fool yourself. Your clients from a year ago are not going to automatically return to your business or service. In the past year your clients have moved on. Even if you think they loved you, and they may do, they have had a significant time to reconsider all of their options.

The time is now to re-engage your old clients.

What about your competitors clients?

If your clients are rethinking their options about who to go with, so are your competitors clients. This means you have a tremendous opportunity to steal client share. Have you thought about this?

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What to do and when?

It appears that with the new administration ramping up the vaccine output and the country (hopefully) coming back to its senses, we look like reopening America businesses sometime late spring 2021.

This means that if you are a business marketer and are looking to re-emerge, re-engage and recapture your place in the market you need to rebuild your brand starting now.

Promotional products are your way forward.

Here’s why!

10. They’re targeted. A newspaper or radio ad goes out to a wide audience, only some of whom might be in the market for what you’re selling. With promotional products, you control the distribution, resulting in a more powerful marketing effort and better return on investment.

9. They’re customizable. There are thousands of promotional products available in a wide range of price points to meet any budget, theme and marketing objective. Plus, you get to choose the message, the audience, the colors, and much more.

8. People keep them. Research shows that six in 10 consumers keep promo items for up to two years. More than half (53%) say they use a promotional item at least once a week or more. In comparison, an ad or billboard gets glanced at once or twice, if you’re lucky.

7. They’re versatile. There are so many ways you can use promotional products, including as thank-you gifts, customer loyalty items, employee appreciation gifts, trade show or conference giveaways, sales meeting leave-behinds, safety program and sales incentives, traffic drivers, and in direct mail, to name just a few!

6. They’re useful. If you choose a promotional item recipients will value, they will use — and appreciate it — frequently. And this results in continued exposure for your brand.

5. They’re memorable. In one study, 88% of those surveyed could remember the advertiser on a promotional product they’d received in the past 12 months. In comparison, 71% recalled advertisers in a newspaper or magazine they had read a week before. In another survey, respondents were asked to think about a promo item they had received in the past two years. When asked to recall the product, advertiser and message, 76.2% could remember all three.

4. They create goodwill. Customers, prospects and employees all appreciate receiving a gift. A useful or fun promo item creates a positive impression of your company and lasting goodwill.

3. They can boost sales. Half of consumers in a study had done business with the advertiser before receiving a promo product. After receiving the product, 85% did business with the advertiser.

2. They build brand awareness. Whether the recipient keeps the item or passes it along to someone else, every time the product is used, your company name is seen. And this will lead recipients to think of you the next time they need the products or services you provide. If you give away a wearable item like a hat, t-shirt or hoodie, recipients will become walking billboards ever time they wear it.

And the #1 reason to use promotional products:

1. People love them and want them! Who doesn’t love to get a gift? 83% of Americans surveyed said they like receiving a promotional product with an advertising message, and 48% said they would like to receive promotional products more often!

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With all of this in mind…

In 2021. Isn’t it time for you and your business to Think Differently?

Who is Emily Graham. Emily is the owner of Fitness Promotional products. She is a promotional product expert and a nationally ranked athlete.
Who is Emily Graham. Emily is the owner of Fitness Promotional products. She is a promotional product expert and a nationally ranked athlete.


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see 3000 customized promotional products
see 3000 customized promotional products