Thinking Ahead

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It is time to Think Ahead!

It may not seem like it at the moment and your current business climate may not reflect it, but there will be better days ahead. History show us this quite clearly.

History is a great informer. It tells us what we did wrong and also predicts what we should do going forward.

In the case of Black Swan events like Covid-19 we have a lot of lessons from which we can learn from. They include 9/11, 2008 financial crisis and 1987 Black Monday. All of these previous events caused economic changes and social pattern changes still felt and evolving today.

Covid-19 will get solved, one way or another.

Once again, it may not seem like it but Covid-19 will get resolved or solved. The options are simple.

There will be a vaccine. With an average optimistic view, the vaccine will come late in 2020 or very early 2021. The best penetration/adoption of the vaccine will be by late spring 2021. This seems like a long way off, but is it really?

We will have to assimilate Covid-19 into our lives. The Great Flu Pandemic of 1919-1920 was the most virulent epidemic in our known history. It is still with us over 100 years later. The annual Flu is very deadly. However, we have learned to assimilate it into our lives. We stay home when sick, take rest and medicine and get an annual flu shot.

These are the only viable options.

Have you stopped marketing your business?

“Stopping marketing to save money is like stopping a clock to save time”

Henry Ford

History lessons from the other economic events in the past tell us 1 thing quite clearly!

To stop marketing or to stop planning to promote your business through B2b marketing initiatives is tantamount to shutting the doors and closing up shop. Yes, these are tough time, yes your marketing budget has gone down the drain, yes it is a disaster. However, if you are planning to stay in business you better be planning your marketing now.

When you plan out your marketing in a normal year, don’t you plan out at least 6 months? See what experts say…read more.

It doesn’t cost anything to just look!

If what we have to say sounds interesting and what we have to say sounds important to your businesses future shouldn’t we talk? It costs nothing to look!

Email us to start a dialog!

One way or another we will get back to business and to do so means we need to get back to the business of marketing our businesses.

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