Black Swan

what is a black swan event in business

The new approach to B2b marketing Post-Covid.

With the black swan event known as Covid-19 and in fact with any black swan event (9/11 comes to mind), there are always profound changes that come about as a result of that event.

With the black swan event Covid-19 there will be many major shifts that will take place. Some, such as “telecommuting” were underway long before covid-19, but these changes will and have accelerated. In a year or 2 it will be hard to imagine that telecommuting will not continue to be a dominant working arrangement. Technology is strong and the results are proven. It just makes sense. The only difference with a black swan event is that it accelerated the change.

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Will stay at home workers still have or need a sense of business community?

In my estimation the lack of communal workspaces will increase the need for b2b identity.

Think of it this way. People love their favorite ball teams but the vast majority of them never see a live game. Instead they opt for the “wearing of team swag” to show their allegiance to their team. The same approach will be the case when it comes to working remotely. Instead of a diminished need for a sense of identity, I believe with more remote work, there will be an increased desire to connect with your brand and a greater need to imprint your brand.

How you source, buy and distribute your B2b swag will change dramatically.

For the better part of a century the way most businesses have bought their promotional products has changed very little. A local promotional products distributor knocks on your door or calls and drops off a stack of not-so-eco-friendly paper catalogs and then takes your order like a waitress at a diner. Not very inspiring.

The black swan event of covid-19 will decimate the tradional promotional products business. It is a business model populated by near retirement age folks who have sold swag all their lives, there is a huge amount of debt floatting around as suppliers almost always lent the distributors credit and the customers who bought swag from their local guy in January are not likely to pay it off, ever.

One of the things that all local promotional products distributors tout is their access to over 4 million different promotional products. Sounds good but think about it.

If someone has access to 4 million promo product ideas how much do they know about any of them?

Which one’s work, which are appropriate for your target market, which best represents your business ideals. Let me say this, they have NO CLUE! None!

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Get in a conversation with us and you will learn more in 5 minutes than the last 5 years about B2b.

We are different in many ways. Let me explain in simple point forms.

  1. We work directly with the factories that produce these products. That gives us direct insight into which sell and don’t sell. What are the best prices and any flaws to the products.
  2. We don’t stock anything. Inventory is deadly. We could have a million “widgets” on hand and then peoples tastes change or a better “widget comes along” and we are stuck with “outdated, unpopular widgets”, what then? We have to try and convince you they are still awesome and get them off our books. In short, we a supplier has stateside product inventory it is a lability to them financially and a marketing liability to you. Why would you want this?
  3. We source and deliver anything you want. Who are we to only tell you what you want your logo on, why don’t you send us a picture of what you want with your logo on it and we will source it for you? That way you get a B2b product that best represents your brand.

When will Covid-19 be over and when we are back to “normalish”?

That’s a very tough question to answer accurately. It all depends on what the American people collectively decide to do. Will they shut down and wear a mask or will the rolling wave continue as we continue to argue about “how one person’s personal freedoms trumping your personal needs” play out.

“If your neighbors house was on fire would you lend him your garden hose?”, Wear a mask!

All of this being said the next thing to consider is simple. If you are going to stay in business and succeed you are going to have to B2b market.

You will not just magically return to business levels as before and the American spirit of marketing will come back strong. “Those businesses that step up to the plate and get back in the game first will be the winners, those that don’t B2b market, won’t survive.” It is that simple.

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