Fitness Promotional Swag for Trade Shows.

fitness trade show swag

Top 5 Promotional Products for the Fitness Industry Trade Show.

Trade shows in the fitness industry like The Arnolds, Olympia, Fit Expo etc (btw, we have done work many at these shows!) are prime places for fitness businesses of all sizes and shapes to get their marketing groove on. One of the main purposes of the trade show is to get your logo imprinted into the customer mind (both new and current customers) and to encourage them to come to your booth and if you really hit a home run, take away something from the booth with your logo on it that gets flashed around to other like-minded people. Sound easy, but not so easy as it seems.

It takes 7 impressions to make an impression!

An adage of marketing is “It takes 7 impressions to make an impression” which roughly translates into the concept that your logo must be seen by the same person 7 times to actually stick in their minds.

When it comes to promo swag it is easy to get your logo on 1000’s of different product ideas but you need to ask yourself will the person I give this to show it off or use it enough to get to 7 or past that. It depends on who you ask!

If you ask the local promo guy they will all say ” everything you see will be awesome!” I call bullshit!

Will it be seen by others?

If you give away logo imprinted underwear you will get lots of people to your booth but will the underwear and your logo get seen by other? Doubtful!

What you want to giveaway needs to be encompassed in a couple of firm marketing guidelines. They are:

A) It has to cheap, inexpensive, a good deal, value-concerned, not much, etc. In short it must be under $5 for sure and under $2-$3 if you are really smart.

B) It has to be seen frequently and used, not thrown away or lost (That’s why I hate logos’ on Golf’s a dumb idea!)

Oh yeah, it also needs to be on brand!

This is “marketing 101” but essentially it goes like this. If you are a fitness company you don’t want to give away golf balls with your logo, you want to give them something other like-minded fitness fanatics will use and where your logo will be seen and is not laughed at with a shrug and a WTF!

That’s Where Fitness Promotional Products Comes In!

Firstly we have been in the promotional products business since George Bush 1 was President. Secondly, the company is owned and run by EmilyGrahamFitness (instagram) and she knows this business.

We keep the costs down as all of these logo’d swag products are all delivered factory direct complete with your logo professionally imprinted. We know how to treat your brand. We know what you need.

If you would like to know more about how we can help call us 1-888-908-6932 or email Emily

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