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Expert in Promotional Product Market Speaks Out.

I may not be right on everything and in fact I am like to be wrong on many things. But one thing for certain I am really certain of is how to market your own personal brand or business brand using promotional products (aka swag).

Who are we?

We have been in the promotional products business since 1990. Working all areas of the industry we finally settled on the supply side in the mid 90’s. This means we work with the factories in Asia that produce most if not all of the worlds promotional products. We source direct from over a dozen factories, employ agents on the ground in China, India and Vietnam and visit the source factories regularly. We know our stuff!

What is Swag?

Swag or promotional products has been thought of in many different ways, especially over the past couple of years, however for the purposes of business marketing and branding I will simplify its definition.

Swag is a product that has YOUR LOGO or BRAND on it that you then give to current and prospective customers. The purpose or BEST-USE for Swag is to get YOUR LOGO in front of as many people as possible reinforcing your BRAND in their mind.

In the “promo biz” there is a saying that it “takes 7 impressions to make an impression” which means that the Swag with your logo needs to be seen or used 7 times to make the recipient fully aware of your brand.

This means that giving someone something that they only use or see once is not a good idea. An example of this (IMO) is a Golf Ball. Ridiculous, hit it into the bushes off the first tee and watch $3 disappear. WTH!

What you want is something that “costs just a little bit but is seen a lot”. A good example of this is just about any phone accessory like a silicone wallet or pop up phone stand. These cost very little but have hundreds if not thousands of impressions.

Fitness Promotional Products

A member of our family is Emily Graham, she has literally and figuratively been raised in the promotional product industry. She is young, ambitious and a swag expert.

Emily is also a nationally ranked fitness and bodybuilding pro. She competes at the national level, trains other athletes and is well respected and recognized throughout this fitness industry.

“As a father I am very proud of her. As a businessman I know she will rock it!”

What we have done to create FPP is to source both the essential products and esoteric ideas that best suit the business world that includes, gyms, personal trainers, supplement companies, fitness events, sports teams and individual athletes promotional product needs.

These swag products are all delivered factory direct complete with your logo professionally imprinted. We know how to treat your brand.

If you would like to know more about how we can help call us 1-888-908-6932 or email Emily

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